About Us

Welcome to Cake-A-Lishious!

Once upon a time a young enthusiastic so and so called Nikki, tried her hand at cake baking and discovered she had a natural talent for it. She baked a few cakes and people gobbled it up. She baked some more - and those cakes, too, disappeared.

Realising that people eagerly looked forward to her next cake baking session, Nikki did X,Y & Z....one thing led to another, people said her cakes were delicious, and Nikki thought,"Cake, Delicious - Cake-A-Lishious!" Thus Cake-A-Lishious was born.

Understanding that every celebration is indeed a special occasion, Nikki relishes every opportunity to provide affordable but memorable celebration cakes & cupcakes.

All cakes and cupcakes are homemade and personally handcrafted by Nikki herself. Nikki prides herself in using only the finest quality cake ingredients. There is no caker makers mass-production line, no outsourcing or junior staff.

Nikki's love, passion and attention to detail when cake making is paramount with every order - and her celebration cakes are popular throughout London and the South-East.

Thanks for reading.... The End!

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